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The Process

Here we will guide you through the repair process

People normally wonder what the repair process is like for repairing a damaged alloy.

In 5 simple steps we can repair your alloy and have it ready for you to drive away fully repaired.


Preparing the Vehicle

The vehicle is jacked up and the alloy wheel is removed from the vehicle.


Preparing the tyre

In the mobile workshop the tyre is deflated and removed from the face of the wheel, then shrink-wrapped to protect the tyre surface.


Repairs on the tire begin

Damaged areas on your alloy are repaired using various techniques, grinding down using a wheel machine if required.


Repairs on the tire begin

Primer is applied, followed by the required paint and lacquer.


Cooked in the oven to set

The wheel is then cured in our on-board oven.


Apply tyre back to car

After repair, the tyre will be re-inflated to the recommended pressure and replaced onto your vehicle. Your vehicle will then be ready to drive away.